My name is Robert and I am a German ham. I got my first license with the call DO2ROB at the age of 16 back in 2010. Soon after that I upgraded to the German class 'A' and got my current call DK2RO.

You will often find me on the shortwave bands in my preferred mode CW. But I also like SSB, digital modes and the VHF bands (especially 6m). In my spare time I operated from some IOTAs, SOTAs and WWFF areas. If I'm not chasing DX, you may also hear me in one of the bigger or smaller contests.

In 2013 I was member of the 5Q7Y DXpedition to Langeland isl. EU-172 and I also participated in the DXpedition to EU-171 in September.

I am member of the DARC and the OV Coburg DOK B19.


Heavy Portable Station:

In use when I got a car for driving to the portable location.
Because that only happens very seldom, I am frequently using the Lightweight Portable Station.
  • IC-7200 100w
  • Homemade Dipole
  • Symmetrical tuner

Lightweight Portable Station:

  • FT-817ND 5w
  • Endfed Dipole
  • Weight incl. small backpack is less than 2.5kg
  • On the air time with default FT-817 battery + 2700mAh lipo is approx. 3 hours.
Lightweight Portable Station Image


QSOs in the database: 3325
Unique callsigns: 2235
QSOs from IOTAs: 1400
QSOs from SOTAs: 600
QSOs from WWFFs: 1402
Different IOTAs activated: 7
Different SOTAs activated: 16
Different WWFFs activated: 16
QSOs in CW: 86.71%

The Website

I am running this website mainly for myself, to keep track of my activities. But it is also intended as a source of information for people, who worked me.
If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this website, please don't hesitate to send my a mail to: [call]