DK2RO/P from DM/TH-046

My first SOTA summit in 2021. We had quite a bit snow over the last days so I was a little worried how deep it would be on the summit. But access was easy so I really could enjoy the walk through the snowy forest.

Today I tested my new little rig: SW-3B from china. This is a three band qrp cw transceiver in really small form factor. I integrated a lithium cell and a boost converter into the tiny package to avoid using an additional external battery. This gives me about 2-3 watts. Until now I am quite pleased with the receiver performance. (You can't compare it to a serious rig. The FT-817 is better. But the performance is sufficient for general SOTA work outside a major contest.)

Antenna was my usual EFHW for 40m. Because it was already getting dark slowly I could only do 11 QSOs on 40m.