2011-09-23 till 2011-09-25

op at DL0CG/P from DLFF-060

At first there was the idea of Thilo DL9NBJ, that we could start a World Flora Fauna Activity in Franconia. Inspired by a quick and successful mobile activation, we soon developed a plan. We choose the WFF Reference DLFF-060 Nature Park Frankenwald, although this one had already been activated in the spring.

The planning team consisted of Wolfgang DL4NY, Matthias DH3NAN, Heinz DC5WW, Norbert DL9NAC and the youngsters Robert DK2RO and Max DL7MX. We quickly found a suitable location.
Thilo updated the website of B19 and installed a online log. Wtih the UNIMOG of Matthias, the new Wire Pyramid of Thilo and a 3-element beam, we had all the needed equipment.

At 17:35 MESZ we could log the first qso. What followed was absolutely stunning, we created a pile-up on the WFF frequency 7144kHz, we could barely handle. The Wire Pyramid performed very well and we could log many many contacts from all over the world. At the end we made 1195 contacts into 60 DXCC, what was beyond our keenest expectations.

All in all those three days were a great experience!

more infos: website of B19 (german)