2014-10-18 till 2014-10-19

op at DQ7Y WAG Contest

This year I took part in the WAG for my second time.

The first entry was in 2011 together with Max DL7MX. Back then we only operated SSB. This year the second operator was Anton DL8AW and he was working SSB whereas I was making the CW QSOs.

Our setup consisted of a single fibreglass pole with 2 inverted V dipoles and 100w output.
Because I was too late on the operating side, I had little time working the upper bands and had to switch to 20m and 40m soon.
80m gave the best rates wheras 40m gave more points and multipliers.

In the end we had more than 600 QSOs in the log and I hope that DQ7Y will be back again in the WAG 2015.